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Advertise Jobs in Occupational Health

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Advertise your OH jobs on our website

Simply upload your job to our website by completing our short OH job upload form. In addition to the online advert, when possible, your OH role will also be included in our e-mail newsletter, which goes out to 3,500 OH physicians and nurses in the middle of each month.  We will include the job title, recruiter, and location of the job in the e-mail newsletter with a link to further information on our site.


It costs £200 + VAT to advertise one vacancy. If you have more than one vacancy, it costs £300 + VAT to advertise a series of up to 5 vacancies over a six month period.  You can enhance your online presence with an advert in our journal Occupational Health [at Work] at a cost of £200 + VAT for a half page advert.

How it works:

We will review your job advert, contact you to arrange payment by credit card or invoice, and shortly afterwards the occupational health job advert will appear on our website. The job will be taken down from the site automatically 48 hours after the given closing date.

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Recruiters who have used this service have told us that it has been successful in helping them to find high quality candidates to fill vacancies:

"Greggs advertised three OH roles using The At Work Partnership’s job advertising service and were very pleased with the results. This is a great way to hit the target audience using a national network and we’d recommend this service to other recruiters"
Janet Patterson, Group OHA & Co-ordinator at  “Greggs The Baker”

Greggs, the home of fresh baking, is the leading bakery retailer in the UK.  Expert bakers for the last 70 years, and serving delicious, freshly baked, quality food at great value prices to a million customers each day, in over 1,500 shops around the UK. Greggs employ over 20,000 people and have a reputation for looking after their employees. 

Advertise in our journal

You can also choose to add to the effectiveness of your advert by supplementing this with a page advert in our journal Occupational Health [at Work]. A half-page advert would cost £200 + VAT. An example is shown below