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Welcome, introduction and background

Dr John Ballard, Occupational Health [at Work]

  • Fitness for work in safety critical roles
  • Fatal incidents at work: Glasgow bin lorry crash; Germanwings flight 9525; Coventry bus crash

Pre-employment and pre-placement health screening: research update

Dr John Ballard, Occupational Health [at Work]

  • Health screening, discrimination and employment
  • Complex questionnaires or simple declarations?
  • Impact on practice of The Equality Act 2010 and data protection legislation

The law part one: pre-employment health checks and medicals

Nick Hanning, Anthony Gold Solicitors

  • The Equality Act 2010
  • Age, sex, pregnancy and disability discrimination
  • Data protection – Data Protection Act 2018
    and the GDPR
  • Employment law
  • Health and safety law – special cases
  • Human rights



Fitness for work

Dr Tony Williams, Working Fit

  • Making evidence-based decisions
  • Perceptions and beliefs regarding fitness
  • Fitness for work after surgery
  • Self assessment/declaration versus employment medicals
  • Role of the GP/specialist
  • Do you need a specialist’s report?
  • Implications of ageing on fitness
    – healthcare
    – transport
  • Rehabilitation, adjustments and adaptations

Safety-critical fitness for work

Dr Tim Stevenson, The Healthy Company

  • Assessing fitness for safety-critical work
    – pre-placement or pre-employment?
    – assessing ongoing fitness for work
    – what criteria to use
    – industry standards
  • Drug and alcohol testing
    – legal and ethical considerations
    – when to test and what to test
    – practicalities and pitfalls
    – managing cases

Discussion forum

  • An interactive Q&A session – your opportunity to discuss with our expert speakers the issues that currently concern you. Pre-submitted questions are welcome.



Fitness to drive and the OH professional

Dr Nick Jenkins, DVLA

  • Accessing relevant medical information from GPs
  • Interpreting the DVLA’s Assessing fitness to drive guidance
  • Disclosing medical conditions to the DVLA without the individual’s consent
  • The ageing driver – implications of the Coventry bus crash



The law part two: fit for work? Legal compliance and better practice

Prof Diana Kloss, barrister

  • Glasgow bin lorry and Coventry bus crashes –
    implications for healthcare professionals
  • Sick pay and evidence of sickness
  • Termination and retirement on health grounds
  • Disability – assessment and reasonable adjustments
  • Age discrimination – when is it justified?
  • Disclosure of unfitness to work without consent
  • Statutory health surveillance

Final questions


Close of conference

Benefits of attending

You will gain:

  • an up-to-the-minute understanding of how the legislation and case law relating to employment medicals and fitness for work impacts on your responsibilities and your day-to-day work. You’ll
    be certain of your obligations, and how to comply with them
  • insight into the issues affecting fitness to drive and drug and alcohol testing
  • an in-depth appreciation of best practice

This training is designed for:

  • OH and allied health professionals
  • HR managers
  • Safety professionals

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