On 25 May 2018, the GDPR came into force, as did the Data Protection Act 2018. The new obligations are therefore in place and impose continuing obligations.

Contrary to the widespread scaremongering, the obligations are not hugely different to those imposed by the Data Protection Act 1998 so many organisations will already be mostly compliant. But there are changes, there are new obligations and there is still much uncertainty.

If you are worried about your own compliance and would welcome some specialist, individual help, we can offer this with a bespoke independent consultancy service provided by Nick Hanning.


What do we offer?

Our service begins with an initial on-site information audit and review to assess your current data protection compliance, prepare a report and gap analysis and identify your further requirements.

We can then help you with the following:

  • Provision of template privacy notices and processor agreements
  • Help with preparation of a data audit and the mandatory data processing record
  • Help with amending or drafting GDPR compliant policies and procedures
  • Review of third party data processor contracts
  • For an extra fee, we can provide a template Data Security & Information Governance Manual comprising the following policies and procedures (if required):
    • Data protection
    • Information management & security
    • Transfer of data to third parties
    • Cybercrime and fraud prevention
    • E-mail
    • Acceptable use of IT facilities
    • Use of personally-owned devices
    • Archiving, retention & destruction
    • End of employment
  • We can help you to adapt policies in the Data Security & Information Governance Manual to meet your requirements


About Nick Hanning

Nick has many years’ experience of working with The At Work Partnership and has gained an intimate knowledge and understanding of occupational health practice. He is also an expert in the GPDR and data protection generally and already provides consultancy and Data Protection Officer services to law firms.  Nick is a consultant and personal injury and employment lawyer with Dutton Gregory LLP and he is a past president of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives.



The charges are scaled according to the size of your organisation as follows:

Organisations with less than 20 employees

First day’s consultancy             Manual (if required)              Additional Time (if required)

£550 +  VAT                                   £200 + VAT                                £55 + VAT per hour

Organisations with more than 20 employees

First day’s consultancy             Manual (if required)              Additional Time (if required)

£750+  VAT                                     £300 +  VAT                               £75 +  VAT per hour

All charges are subject to VAT and reasonable travel expenses where applicable. The initial review is conducted on site and is included in the first day’s consultancy. If additional time is required, it is provided remotely, on an ‘as needed’ time basis.


Find out more:

To find out more or book some consultancy, please get in touch:

Email: info@atworkpartnership.co.uk               Phone: 0345 017 6986 or 0208 344 2328.