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October/November 2018 (vol. 15/3)

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rEAPing the benefits

Employee assistance programmes: employee wellbeing and financial utility


Many organisations engage confidential counselling services, or employee assistance programmes, to help employees with a range of issues from stress at work, to personal-finance worries and bereavement, but are they well used, and do they offer value for money? Research by The Work Foundation was carried out to explore these issues. Study lead author Zofia Bajorek explains the findings.

Over the past decade, there has been an increase in our understanding of the importance of employee health and wellbeing, and the implications that this can have for organisational productivity, society and individuals. In her 2008 report, Working for a healthier tomorrow1, Dame Carol Black provided evidence that employee health is good for…


Dr Zofia Bajorek was a researcher at The Work Foundation when she undertook this research. She is now a research fellow at the Institute for Employment Studies.

Author: Bajorek Z


Occupational Health at Work October/November 2018 (vol. 15/3) pp31-35

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