Legal News

The BMA’s occupational medicine committee has released updated guidance on the role of medical professionals in addressing alcohol and drug misuse in the workplace. It says the workplace is an ideal place to offer health education on alcohol and drugs and provides opportunities to identify and support problem users. The 2016 guide includes a new... Read more »
A recent EAT case can make it easier for a whistleblower who is an agency worker to claim against the end user. In McTigue v University Hospital Bristol NHS Foundation Trust, a Forensic Nurse Examiner was employed by an agency and supplied to an NHS Trust. Both the agency and the Trust determined part of... Read more »
The Court of Appeal has applied EU law to hold that a student could make an employment tribunal claim for discrimination by a work placement provider, even though her university had arranged the work placement. The claimant was undertaking a Diploma of Higher Education in Mental Health Nursing, and claimed indirect sex discrimination against a... Read more »
When can and should OH disclose medical information in the public interest, without consent? This has recently been in the news in the case of the refuse lorry driver who collapsed at the wheel in a crowded Glasgow street, tragically killing six shoppers when his lorry went out of control and mounted the pavement. Assuming... Read more »