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  • July 2018: Key features include: Studies from the HSE revealing different rates of fatal injuries in the workplace between genders, practical guidance for employers on how to support employees with disabilities, and a report by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work indicating that exposure of workers to psychosocial risks is increasing.
  • June 2018: Highlights include: The pressing need to address the issue of lower back pain in the workplace, a report from EU-OSHA exploring how to encourage and support employees who are cancer survivors, and guidance published by NICE on managing Lyme disease.
  • May 2018: Results of a tea-breaker poll investigating preparation for the GDPR within OH, a recent study from MIND exploring poor mental health at work, and HAVS fine for housing association case.
  • April 2018: Coverage includes: Results from the March tea-breaker poll highlights that many OH professionals believe HSE should produce guidance on appropriate levels of OH provision, research analysis of long-term sickness absence causes, and global shortage of HBV vaccine reported and its impact on OH.
  • March 2018: Pregnancy discrimination and a case of dismissal, guidance on how to obtain and support a neurodiverse workforce, and research conducted on absence depicting barriers to increasing occupational welfare.
  • February 2018: Key headlines include: Analysis of a tea-breaker poll regarding human resources and OH, a recent case of disability discrimination in the workplace, and the regulation of £500 tax exemption for OH recommended medical treatments, despite the government’s abandonment of the assessment part of the FfW.
  • January 2018: Results of a study on managing menopause symptoms at work, updates on parental leave and H&S inspections, and a report of a significant increase in work-related stress within the NHS.
  • December 2017: Results of our tea breaker poll on confidentiality and consent , and looks at scrapping of part of the Fit for Work service, mental health, and disability at work.
  • November 2017: Key features: Latest HSE statistics on work-related illness, campain for maternity protection against redundancy, and consultation on reforming the regulation of all nine UK healthcare professions.
  • October 2017:  The FOHN/AOHNP merger, guidance from ACAS about sensitive conversations about mental health guidance, back pain and sciatica, and the new Faculty of Asbestos Assessment and Management.
  • September 2017:  Looks at manufacturing absence rates, flu vaccine effectiveness and mental health guidance.
  • July 2017:  Results of our tea breaker poll on whether occupational health should become fully integrated into the NHS, the Taylor Review and revised guidance from the DVLA on assessing fitness to drive.
  • June 2017:  Results of our tea breaker poll on which healthcare professionals should be allowed to complete fit notes, latest absence statistics, the case for investing in OH, and health clearance for emergency healthcare workers.
  • May 2017:  Active commuting, obituary to Professor Gordon Waddell, recent asbestos prosecution and risky alcohol consumption at retirement.
  • April 2017: FOHN update; fit note certification; suicide prevention; and PPE for women.
  • March 2017: Fit note poll; GMC confidentiality; face-to-face v remote consultations; and yoga v CBT for stress.
  • February 2017: NICE back pain and sciatica guide; health, shift work and insufficient sleep; and gender pay gap reporting.
  • January 2017: Age discrimination, European working conditions survey, and GMC guidance on confidentiality.
  • December 2016: CPD Personal Learning Zone, CIPD absence survey, and nurse suspended for concealing Cafferkey’s temperature.
  • November 2016: Occupational medicine workforce crisis, mental health at work and green paper on work, health and disability.
  • October 2016:  Ageing workforce, most workers would not disclose stress, and the state of occupational health nursing.
  • September 2016: Brexit and OH, NICE on health and wellbeing at work and Legionnaires’ prosecution.
  • July 2016: OH practitioners’ pay, working with arthritis, and bullying in the NHS.
  • June 2016: Sharps and needlesticks, disability employment gap, and presenteeism.
  • May 2016: Healthy workplaces across Europe, occupational Zika guidance and older drivers at work.
  • March 2016: Vicarious liability, increase in compensation rates at tribunal, and construction health survey.
  • February 2016: CIPD calls for more action on wellbeing, workplace violence in the retail sector, and occupational hearing loss.
  • January 2016: Sickness absence triggers, doctors in training at risk of depression, and HSE’s five-year strategy

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