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Welcome and introduction
Dr John Ballard, Occupational Health [at Work]


Mental health issues in the workplace
Dr John Ballard, Occupational Health [at Work]

  • Part 1: Impact on work and health
    • Mental health – prevalence in working age people
    • Work-related mental health problems
    • Impact on sickness absence and presenteeism
    • Co-morbidity
    • Barriers to employment
  • Part 2: Evidence review – What works at work?
    • Measuring stress at work – the management standards
    • Psychosocial factors, work and sickness absence
    • Organisational justice
    • Wellbeing – what is it and can we measure it?
    • Organisational approaches to wellbeing

Mentally healthy organisations
Emma Donaldson-Feilder, Affinity Health at Work

  • What makes a mentally healthy organisation?
  • The importance of good management and leadership
  • Supporting and developing line managers
  • Return to work – setting reasonable timescales and
  • Mental health literacy and reducing stigma



Mental health and the law
Prof Diana Kloss, barrister

  • Disability discrimination
  • Consent and confidentiality
  • Fitness for work
    • Pre-employment
    • Unfair dismissal
    • Health and safety
  • Case law update
  • Employer liability for stress-related illness



Mental health law, Q&A

  • Your chance to ask your legal questions

Recognising and assessing mental health problems – practical tools for
OH professionals
Prof Neil Greenberg, King’s College London

  • Is it stress or mental ill health?
  • Questionnaire-based tools:
    •  Are they suitable for OH? • Interpreting the results • Validity
  • Cases looking at:
    • Comorbidity – risk factors in those off sick with other conditions
    •  Personality disorders – recognition, diagnosis and treatments
    •  The support offered by the NHS
    • Suicidal ideation



Drugs, alcohol and mental health
Prof Neil Greenberg, King’s College London

  • Understanding addiction
  • Impact of alcohol and drug misuse on mental health
  • ‘Self-medication’ and the misuse of prescription drugs
  • Supporting those who come forward
  • Returning to work

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Benefits of attending

How will attending this training day benefit you?
You will gain:

  • An opportunity to learn which interventions work and
    which don’t. Leading experts in the management of
    mental health at work explain the evidence, and provide
    illustrations of how to best implement the most effective
  • Practical tools and case study examples to help you
    recognise, assess and manage mental health problems
  • An understanding of your legal obligations in this area
  • A detailed insight into the specific issues raised by
    addiction problems in the workplace

This event is designed for:

  • Occupational health nurses
  • Occupational physicians
  • Allied professionals working with occupational health,
    including mental health professionals

Attendance at this important seminar is vital for everyone who has responsibility for managing mental health issues in their workplace.

There are now only limited places available at this event, so please do telephone us on 0208 344 2328 to book.  Thank you!

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