Edited by: Diana Kloss and John Ballard New Book

Publisher: The At Work Partnership (November 2012)

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Discrimination Law and Occupational Health Practice is a practical guide to discrimination law and its implications for occupational health (OH) practice. expertly written, and meticulously researched, this book will be an indispensable resource.

Discrimination law, and in particular disability discrimination, is one of the most complex areas that OH professionals have to understand in order to do their jobs effectively.

The Equality Act 2010 brought all the anti-discrimination statutes into one. This book, written by leading experts in the field, is the only one that approaches this legislation from the perspective of someone working in occupational health. It covers all the issues; from assessing disability and reasonable adjustments, to pregnancy discrimination, gender reassignment and ageing workers. It explains the history and context of the legislation, its development through case law, and the impact of European directives and court decisions on UK law.

The book explores challenging issues, such as disclosure and knowledge of disability, liability of OH practitioners, and pre-employment health screening. Practical guidance is also given about writing reports for, and appearing as a witness in, employment tribunals. It includes an A–Z guide to the Equality Act.

About the authors/editors

Professor Diana Kloss

Diana is a barrister, former employment judge and honorary senior lecturer in OH Law at the University of Manchester. She is the author of the highly respected book Occupational Health Law (5th edition, Wiley Blackwell, 2010). Diana is a visiting professor at London South Bank University

Dr John Ballard

John has been writing about occupational health for the past 20 years. He edits the Occupational Health [at Work] journal and is a director of The At Work Partnership. He is an honorary fellow of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine.

About the other contributors

Nick Hanning

Nick is a partner with RWPS LLP, and is President of the Institute of Legal Executives. He specialises in occupational stress claims.

Karen Jackson

Karen is managing partner at didlaw, a niche employment law firm, specialising in the law surrounding illness and disability discrimination.

Allan Tyrer

Allan is a former solicitor at a City Law firm, but is now non-practising and works at a charity. He produces a website on how the Equality Act applies to stammering.


Chapter 1: Introduction to discrimination law
Diana Kloss and John Ballard

Chapter 2: The equality Act 2010
Allan Tyrer

Chapter 3: Disability discrimination at work: legal protection for those with a disability
Karen Jackson

Chapter 4: Disability management and the law
Diana Kloss

Chapter 5: Pre-employment health screening
John Ballard

Chapter 6: Sex discrimination, gender reassignment and sexual orientation
Diana Kloss

Chapter 7: Age discrimination
Diana Kloss

Chapter 8: Race and religion or belief
Diana Kloss

Chapter 9: Employment tribunals
Nick Hanning

Chapter 10: A–Z guide to the equality Act 2010
John Ballard

How will reading this book benefit you?

This book provides

  • comprehensive, reliable and authoritative explanations of discrimination law from some of the leading occupational health legal experts
  • practical and up-to-date clearly written specialist guidance on the implications of the law for occupational health professionals. We pick out the information that really matters, and make sure that you can apply it to your OH practice

About the publisher

The At Work Partnership is an independent publisher specialising in OH and disability at work issues. We publish the Occupational Health [at Work] journal, which provides expertly written legal, practical and management occupational health information.

Book length: 236 pages

Publication date: November 2012


“Kloss and Ballard have really hit the spot with this book…. A copy for each OH department for easy reference is essential and the title to be included on every OH course reading lists is an absolute must”
Greta Thornbury, January 2013, reviewing the book for Occupational Health and OH Today, published by the Association of Occupational Health Nurse Practitioners (UK)

“An absolute mine of information, with clear summaries of the law and of cases….the practical implications for OH specialists and indeed managers are set out very well.”
Health and Safety at Work, March 2013

“A practical guide to discrimination law…There are clear summaries of the law and illustrative case examples. The practical implications for OH specialists and line managers are well set out”
Occupational Medicine, July 2013

“All occupational health consultants must read this book, it provides a comprehensive and easy to read guide to all the issues surrounding disability discrimination and The Equality Act and will arm them well for their occupational health practice.”
Ian Watkinson, Consultant Occupational Health Nurse & Managing Director Indus Occupational Health Ltd

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