Next date:  Tuesday 25 June 2024, A Virtual Event

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This one-day workshop covers how to prepare concise, well-written OH reports that will provide quality information for managers, be understood by employees, and be defensible if the information contained in them is ever required in legal proceedings.

This workshop covers the preparation of occupational health reports for management, following the OH referral. It will cover practice issues such as sickness absence, likely return to work, disability and case management. The course follows the principles on confidentiality and medical reports established in guidance published by the GMC, FOM and the ICO. The At Work Partnership takes the view that these guidance principles apply to all health professionals working in an OH setting.

Who is the course designed for?

The course is designed for OH professionals and other professionally registered practitioners working in OH. The course attracts OH and allied professionals with differing levels of OH experience. For the more experienced OH professional, it is very useful as a refresher course.

How will gaining this qualification benefit you and your organisation?

You will gain:

  • Learn how to write robust OH reports that will stand up to scrutiny in a court or an employment tribunal
  • Find out how to comply with the latest legislation
  • Gain an understanding of the whole process of report writing – from the initial referral to the final report – in order to maximise the usefulness of the report to management
  • Enhance your report writing style – do’s and don’ts of report writing in practice
  • Improve your ability to identify the type and quantity of information required to produce reports of the highest standards
  • Understand how to audit and improve your clinical record keeping and reports
  • Receive detailed, clear documentation to help you when you are writing your OH reports

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