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Welcome and introduction


Introduction to hand transmitted vibration and its health effects and symptoms – HAVS, CTS, Dupuytren’s


Legal requirements relevant for workers exposed to hand transmitted vibration, including health surveillance




Role of OH technicians

  • Responsibility of senior OH practitioner
  • Process of delegation, audit and quality assurance
  • Communicating findings of delegated assessments

End of session quiz and discussion




Practical sessions

  • Use of monofilaments to assess light touch sensation
  • Use of pegboard test
  • Assessing two-point discrimination
  • Phalen’s and Tinel’s test
  • Vascular assessment including Allen’s test
  • Adson’s and Roo’s test



Summary and discussion


Optional test – see how much you know!


End of day

Benefits of attending

Who is the training designed for?

This training is designed for OH technicians and screening nurses that are new to HAVS (little or no experience). Previous experience of HAVS is not essential, but experience in OH is required.

The training is also likely to be of assistance to any OH nurses, who lack any prior knowledge of HAVs, and are considering taking the Faculty in Occupational Medicine Certificate in Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome qualification. It will provide an introduction to, and understanding of the topic, which will be
built on during the Certificate course.


How will attending this training benefit you?

You will gain:

  • Detailed background knowledge of hand transmitted vibration, its health effects and symptoms
  • Comprehension of the legal requirements relevant for workers exposed to hand transmitted vibration
  • An understanding of your role in undertaking delegated tasks for statutory health surveillance at Tiers 1, 2 or 3, and how you can work under supervision to assist suitably qualified occupational health staff
  • Hands on, practical experience of how to conduct different assessments for HAVs
  • Improved confidence in your HAVS knowledge and skills


Receive detailed printed documentation

All delegates will receive printed documentation plus a FREE copy of Hand-arm vibration syndrome: a guide for occupational health practitioners by Dr. Roger Cooke.

About our expert tutor

Dr Roger Cooke is a consultant in occupational medicine, and honorary senior lecturer at the Institute of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at the University of Birmingham. His experience and interest in vibration-related disease extends over 40 years, including clinical practice, teaching, advising industry and specialist groups, writing on the subject and acting as expert witness in legal proceedings. He is the author of the book, Hand–arm vibration syndrome: a guide for occupational health practitioners, published by The At Work Partnership in 2020.

Two other expert tutors, Andrew Cooke, clinical director at Clarity Healthcare and Dr Bernard Yew, medical director, PAM Group, lead some of the group work.

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