October/November 2013 (vol. 10/3)

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Latex allergy solutions

According to this systematic review of 12 included papers, there is ‘strong and consistent evidence’ that avoiding powdered natural rubber latex gloves at work reduces both the symptoms and markers of latex sensitisation in workers with latex allergy. It also found limited evidence that healthcare workers with type-1 latex allergy can continue to work without a worsening  of symptoms if they use powder-free, low protein latex  gloves, provided that either these or non-latex gloves are also supplied to co-workers. There was insufficient evidence to support either the use of personal protective equipment, such as laminar-flow filtered-air helmets or skin protection creams, to prevent occupational latex allergy, or immunotherapy to treat the condition.

Occupational Medicine 2013; 63: 395–404


Occupational Health at Work October/November 2013 (vol. 10/3) pp41