October/November 2013 (vol. 10/3)

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Rehabilitation in complex cases

Returning to work after carbon monoxide poisoning


LJ Conradie and Catharina Andrew discuss the complex return-to- work case of a woman who suffered a brain injury due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Her situation was complicated not only by cognitive difficulties following the incident, but also by pre-existing mental health problems.

EMPLOYEES enter into work with a range of experiences and skills, but they may also have ongoing physical or mental health conditions, including particular…

Catharina Andrew is an assistant psychologist with Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

LJ Conradie is a consultant clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist and is managing director of Psicon Ltd.

Author: Andrew C, Conradie L J


Occupational Health at Work October/November 2013 (vol. 10/3) pp32-33

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