April/May 2014 (vol. 10/6)

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Carpal tunnel syndrome not linked to computer use

There is no evidence for an association between computer use and carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), according to this meta-analysis of epidemiological studies (six papers met inclusion criteria). None of the estimated odds ratios for the assessed risks were significant: computer use – OR = 1.67 (CI 0.79–3.55); keyboard use – OR = 1.11 (CI 0.62–1.98); and mouse use – OR = 1.94 (CI 0.90–4.21). The conclusions are limited by methodological weaknesses in the original research papers, such as the way CTS is diagnosed and how exposure to computer tasks is assessed, and the small number of papers meeting inclusion criteria.



Occupational Health at Work April/May 2014 (vol. 10/6) pp19