April/May 2014 (vol. 10/6)

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It’s all in the recipe


The forthcoming Health and Work Service sounds promising, but it will not deliver ‘occupational health’ as we know it.  

UNDER EU Regulation 510/2006, a genuine Cornish pasty is made of pastry crimped on one side to form a ‘D’ shape, and filled with rough chunks of beef (not less than 12.5%), swede, potato and onion with a light seasoning of pepper and salt1. Some variation is allowed in terms of the type of pastry: shortcrust, rough puff or puff. There is no equivalent EU regulation …

John Ballard is editor of Occupational Health [at Work].

Author: Ballard J


Occupational Health at Work April/May 2014 (vol. 10/6) pp3

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