December/January 2014/2015 (vol. 11/4)

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Baby boomers at work

Occupational health and safety issues on the employment of post-65 workers


With an ageing population and the abolition of the default retirement age more people are likely to work later in their life. But does this create new occupational health issues? HSE occupational psychologist Richard Snodgrass reviews the available evidence on the occupational health of ageing workers.   

THE first UK state pensions were given in 1909 to the ‘deserving poor’ (males aged 70). In 1909, the mean male life expectancy from birth was around 50; a man aged 65 at that time had a mean life expectancy of…

Richard Snodgrass is an occupational psychologist with an extensive background in disability and employment. He is currently working on the ‘generations’ in the workforce, looking particularly at health and safety issues relating to the post-65 workforce. 

Author: Snodgrass R


Occupational Health at Work December/January 2014/2015 (vol. 11/4) pp29-33

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