June/July 2015 (vol. 12/1)

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Polls apart


Can we do more to influence government policy on occupational safety and health? 

THEY said it was too close to call and none of the polls predicted the ‘landslide victory’ enjoyed by the Conservatives in May’s general election. One that did at least predict the winning party was this journal’s online poll of OH practitioners’ voting intentions1. It put the Conservatives in first place with 32%, just ahead of Labour on 30%. The Liberal Democrats polled 16%, Greens 11%, Scottish National Party (SNP) 8% and UKIP 3%.

Our poll highlights the spread of…

John Ballard is editor of Occupational Health [at Work].

Author: Ballard J


Occupational Health at Work June/July 2015 (vol. 12/1) pp3

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