August/September 2015 (vol. 12/2)

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Meet the practitioner: Deborah Edwards

Deborah Edwards, case manager and head of rehabilitation services, Broadspire


Deborah Edwards, head of rehabilitation services at Broadspire, explains her role and the interaction between case managers and OH practitioners. Broadspire is a provider of integrated disability management services, medical management of workers’ compensation, and liability claims management.

How would you sum up your role?

My role encompasses a variety of day-to-day activities ranging from managing a small caseload, to meeting with company directors to educate them on the benefits of early intervention and return to work for injured workers. I also manage a team of nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and psychologists, and support Broadspire’s employees……  

Author: Ghani R


Occupational Health at Work August/September 2015 (vol. 12/2) pp29

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