December/January 2015/2016 (vol. 12/4)

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Research in OH: From vision to action, Part 1

Part 1: building an evidence-base in occupational health


In the first part of a series, Vaughan Parsons and Ira Madan explain the importance of research in OH practice and the opportunities for OH professionals to get involved.  

RESEARCH is the cornerstone of evidence-based medicine and underpins the provision of high-quality clinical care. In recent years, attention has focused on the dearth of research studies in occupational health (OH) practice. This has generated calls from OH professionals for a strategic, priority-driven agenda that raises the

Dr Vaughan Parsons (PhD) is trial manager of the SCIN project.

Dr Ira Madan is a consultant and honorary reader in occupational medicine.

Author: Parsons V, Madan I


Occupational Health at Work December/January 2015/2016 (vol. 12/4) pp30-33

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