December/January 2015/2016 (vol. 12/4)

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Workplace Wellbeing Charter

Demonstrating commitment to health and wellbeing


The Workplace Wellbeing Charter provides the building blocks for organisations to implement a comprehensive wellbeing strategy. Rebecca Ghani finds out how it can be used to make the workplace more health enhancing.   

‘WELLBEING’ – a term wide in scope – goes beyond describing mental and physical health, and more holistically, describes a level of contentedness, morale, motivation, and sense of purpose and value. In the context of the workplace, it also encompasses job satisfaction, a healthy and safe work environment, effective communication, leadership and line management, and fair policies on topics such as…

Rebecca Ghani is news and features writer of Occupational Health [at Work].

Author: Ghani R


Occupational Health at Work December/January 2015/2016 (vol. 12/4) pp18-23

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