February/March 2016 (vol. 12/5)

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The noise and the damage done

The law on noise-induced hearing loss


Jon Carlisle examines Britain’s noise at work legislation and argues for more comprehensive assessment of hearing loss at work and more consistent preventive action by employers.

NOISE-INDUCED hearing loss is nothing new, the term cloth-eared was first used in the mills of Lancashire at the time of the industrial revolution, when partial deafness due to the noisy machinery was common among the workforce. And in the 1983 case of Thompson and others v Smiths Shiprepairers (North Shields) Limited and others, Mr Justice Mustill stated: ‘It has been known for at least…

Jon Carlisle is an industrial disease lawyer and national coordinator for occupational deafness with Thompsons Solicitors. 

Author: Carlisle J


Occupational Health at Work February/March 2016 (vol. 12/5) pp20-25

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