June/July 2016 (vol. 13/1)

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Re-employment for people with mental health problems

Re-employment programmes for people with mental health problems, based on a ‘place-then-train’ model, have a significant benefit on quality of life (QOL), but there is no evidence that the programmes improve mental health and ‘functioning’ (social, occupational and psychological ability), according to this systematic review and metaanalysis of 16 randomised controlled trials. Most studies assessed ‘individual placement and support’ programmes, which integrate job searching and workplace support with treatment services. Meta-analysis revealed a modest improvement in QOL (effect size = 0.28; 95%; CI 0.04–0.52) but no significant effects on functioning or mental health.

Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2016; online first: doi: 10.1136/oemed-2015-103121.


Occupational Health at Work June/July 2016 (vol. 13/1) pp41