June/July 2017 (vol. 14/1)

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Mindfulness at work

Workplace mindfulness interventions – how, why and where?


This is  a CPD article, which looks at the efficacy of workplace mindfulness interventions and examines the evidence, the return on investment, and the practical and ethical issues organisations should consider.

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Donna Kelly considers the evidence and practicalities of introducing mindfulness-based interventions to the workplace..

Mindfulness is a technique to help manage one’s mental health and wellbeing and has gained popularity as a method to help people cope with daily stress and difficult life experiences. It has been promoted by a number of mental health charities and adopted by many employers. The number of mindfulness interventions delivered within the workplace has grown rapidly. Although the literature is generally positive in terms of clinical outcomes – at least in the short term – there are still some challenges for workplaces in terms of mobilising and delivering mindfulness interventions. Implementation of psychological interventions can be challenging, and the work required to adapt evidence-based interventions within the workplace should not be underestimated …


Donna Kelly is a public health officer, currently completing a health psychology doctorate, and a former workplace wellbeing manager for the mental health charity Mind.


Author: Kelly D


Occupational Health at Work June/July 2017 (vol. 14/1) pp25-29

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