October/November 2017 (vol. 14/3)

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Population ageing and work, part 2

Part 2: effects and solutions at work


In the second and final part of his series on age and work, Paul Nicholson reviews the evidence on the impact of ageing on work ability, productivity and safety-critical risk. The article considers what occupational health can offer employers and employees in promoting sustainable working lives.

The first article in this series examined demographic changes that are causing the ageing population and the economic consequences1. This concluding part explores the implications of an ageing labour force in terms of work capability, health and safety and employment good practices. It will also consider the role of occupational health (OH) professionals in promoting….


Paul Nicholson is an occupational physician, past president of the Society of Occupational Medicine and past chair of the BMA Occupational Medicine Committee.


Author: Nicholson P


Occupational Health at Work October/November 2017 (vol. 14/3) pp25-30

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