October/November 2017 (vol. 14/3)

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Working with HIV

Supporting employment for people living with HIV infection


Despite spectacular advances in the treatment of HIV, barriers to the employment of people infected with the virus remain. Helen Sheldon and Karen Steadman present the findings of their research on the employment issues and barriers faced by working-age people living with HIV.

People infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in industrialised nations can now expect to live healthy lives with little impact on life expectancy if their condition is diagnosed early and is well controlled with antiretroviral drugs. However, while the vast majority of those with HIV are able to work – and across most job sectors1 – full participation in employment may depend on a number of psychosocial as well as health-related factors and obstacles.

This article presents research on HIV and…


Helen Sheldon is a researcher at the Work Foundation.

Karen Steadman is a senior researcher and heads the Work Foundation’s Health at Work Policy Unit.


Author: Sheldon H, Steadman K


Occupational Health at Work October/November 2017 (vol. 14/3) pp21-24

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