December/January 2017/2018 (vol. 14/4)

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Conference News: Workplace Health 2017

Occupational health and the future


Two leading figures in occupational health – the former national director for health and work and the new president of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine – set out their views on the current position and future direction of occupational health at our annual seminar, Workplace Health 20171


A healthier tomorrow?

Almost a decade after her seminal review of the health of Britain’s working-age population, Working for a healthier tomorrow2, Dame Professor Carol Black, principal of Newnham College Cambridge and expert adviser on health and work to NHS England and Public Health England, remains optimistic that progress is being made to help address the problem of working people becoming ill and drifting onto benefits rather than returning to work…

 John Ballard, editor

Author: Ballard J


Occupational Health at Work December/January 2017/2018 (vol. 14/4) pp33-37

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