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October/November 2018 (vol. 15/3)

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Fitness to drive, part-3

Part 3: improving driver safety


In the third part of his series on fitness for driving, DVLA senior medical adviser Wyn Parry examines the system for notifying medical conditions that impact on a driver’s fitness to drive, how the system might be improved, and the implications of autonomous vehicle technology.

Parts one and two of this series looked at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency’s (DVLA’s) role in establishing medical fitness to drive, along with considerations around the roles and responsibilities of healthcare professionals (HCPs) in both advising their patients as well as notifying the DVLA itself1,2. This final article looks at several wider issues, including the systems for notification and…


Dr Wyn Parry was a senior medical adviser to the DVLA at the time of writing this article. His particular interests are in education relating to fitness to drive for healthcare professionals.

Author: Parry W


Occupational Health at Work October/November 2018 (vol. 15/3) pp26-30

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