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February/March 2019 (vol. 15/5)

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In need of a revamp


The eighth edition of the FOM’s Ethics guidance for occupational health practice remains an essential resource for practitioners, but it’s high time it was reformatted as a searchable electronic document.…

The eighth edition of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine’s (FOM’s) Ethics guidance for occupational health practice1 (this issue pages 13–16) is an essential document, setting out current consensus-based advice for OH professionals on meeting expected standards of practice. It remains the primary resource on OH ethics and will serve as authority if conflict arises on issues such as data protection, consent and advising employers on fitness for work. But to help meet the demands on the modern practitioner the guidance needs recreating as an electronic resource…


Dr John Ballard, editor Occupational Health [at Work]

Author: Ballard J


Occupational Health at Work February/March 2019 (vol. 15/5) pp3

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