October/November 2020 (vol. 17/3)

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Communicable diseases in the workplace: business resilience, part 3

Part 3 in our series on business resilience


In the third article in a series on the contribution of occupational health to business resilience, occupational physician Paul Nicholson discusses the management of communicable disease in the workplace.

During the antibiotic era and with increasing availability of vaccines, preventative healthcare in developed countries has focused increasingly on the prevention of non-communicable diseases. Concurrently, employment in the UK has shifted from manufacturing and heavy industry to the service sector. Consequently, occupational health (OH) has turned its attention to the prevention of non-occupational diseases; particularly those influenced by lifestyle factors. However, the popularity of workplace health promotion is  …


Dr Paul Nicholson is an occupational physician, past chair of the BMA Occupational Medicine Committee and a past president of the Society of Occupational Medicine. As associate medical director for P&G Global Medical Operations, he was responsible for the proactive and reactive management of public health emergencies including emerging health risks.



Author: Nicholson P


Occupational Health at Work October/November 2020 (vol. 17/3) pp22-29

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