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October/November 2020 (vol. 17/3)

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OH case study: Loughborough University

Transforming an OH function from underperformer to a prized gem


Following a major review, Loughborough University has transformed its occupational health function into a modern proactive service widely respected across the university. Neil Budworth, Sarah Van Zoelen and Steve Boorman explain how this was achieved

In December 2018, Loughborough University (LU) concluded that its OH function was in a poor state and needed improving. Managers were losing trust in the service and its reputation was substandard. The question confronting the university was how best to rehabilitate the service that was considered a cost and liability, into something useful and sector leading. LU had two clear advantages: a desire from the university leadership team to ensure improvement; and a blank canvas from which to start. The absence of incumbent clinical staff, combined with a change in line management, meant anything was possible.The transformation of this service has been nothing short of remarkable and this article charts that journey…

Author: Budworth N, Van Zoelen S, Boorman S


Occupational Health at Work October/November 2020 (vol. 17/3) pp36-39

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