April/May 2021 (vol. 17/6)

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Expert witness: Pandemic (legal) cases set to rise

COVID-19 – employment issues begin to reach the courts


OH law expert Professor Diana Kloss considers the first COVID-19-related employment law cases to reach the courts.

The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to many legal issues and has kept lawyers, especially employment lawyers, busy in giving advice. Inevitably, some cases will need to be litigated, even as far as the Supreme Court, to establish legal rights and duties. Issues such as the duty of an employer to protect employees against infection, the right of an employee to refuse to work in a workplace which they perceive to be dangerous, the treatment of those at increased risk because of age, ethnic origin, disability or pregnancy, and the right of an employer to insist on COVID-19 testing or vaccination will no doubt be referred to employment tribunals, which already have a significant backlog waiting to be tried…

Diana Kloss is a barrister, former part-time employment judge, Acas arbitrator and author..

Author: Kloss D


Occupational Health at Work April/May 2021 (vol. 17/6) pp35-37

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