April/May 2021 (vol. 17/6)

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The three Rs (+1)


With schools across the UK open or in the process of reopening, the government’s decision not to prioritise COVID-19 vaccination for teachers and school staff is baffling

The UK and US governments have made the reopening of schools a central plank of their COVID-19 strategies. President Biden called it a ‘national imperative’1 while Prime Minister Johnson said it ‘marks a truly national effort to beat this virus’2. Both claimed to be following the science. The two strategies3,4 emphasise hand washing, facemasks for staff and students (US all ages; UK just secondary schools), physical distancing, cohorting (‘bubbles’), cleaning and contact tracing. The US includes vaccination for all school staff3,5, while the UK puts its faith in rapid asymptomatic screening using lateral flow tests (LFTs)4. Most people would agree that avoiding further disruption to children’s learning is vital…

Author: Ballard J


Occupational Health at Work April/May 2021 (vol. 17/6) pp03

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