June/July 2007 (vol. 04/1)

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Complaints against OH professionals

A review of the procedures for handling vexatious complaints


The white paper Trust, assurance and safety – the regulation of health professionals in the 21st century, focused attention on how health professionals’ fitness to practise can be assured. Rachel Suff examines the current procedures.

CONCERN about the incidence of complaints by patients against occupational health (OH) professionals is rising. In 2005, the Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM) noted that a topic that had ‘generated robust, and sometimes furious, debate was the matter of the increasing number of spurious and vexatious complaints about occupational physicians to the General Medical Council (GMC), by individuals dissatisfied with.…

Rachel Suff is a freelance employment researcher and writer.


Author: Suff R


Occupational Health at Work June/July 2007 (vol. 04/1) pp12-16

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