August/September 2007 (vol. 04/2)

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MSD coping behaviour

Understanding workers’ cognitive, emotional, and behavioural mechanisms for coping with persistent musculoskeletal pain is important in managing the return-to-work process. A systematic review of 131 papers evaluates various models of illness representation. These are grouped into: personal-experience theories, including pain beliefs, fear-avoidance and lay theories; interactionist models, such as the ‘sick role’ and the ‘therapist-patient relationship’; and sociocultural approaches, which shed light on the influence of culture and sociodemographic variables on illness behaviour.

Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation 2007: 13 June – online publication ahead of print, DOI 10.1007/s10926- 007-9089-9.


Occupational Health at Work August/September 2007 (vol. 04/2) pp40