October/November 2007 (vol. 04/3)

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Case conferences

Their role in the management of sickness absence


Case conferences are increasingly important in the management of long-term or recurrent sickness absence cases. Occupational physician Tony Steele-Perkins provides some practical guidance to OH professionals.

MANAGING sickness absence is one of the most important functions of line managers, human resource (HR) and occupational health (OH) professionals. The benefits of a proactive policy should lead to a reduction in absence duration, numbers affected, and ill-health retirement rates. A well established principle is that the longer an individual is off work, the less likely is a successful…

Dr Tony Steele-Perkins (MSc Erg, FFOM, DAvMed) is a consultant occupational physician. His background includes aviation human factors and senior management roles, and he has been involved in OH service provision to large public and private sector employers. He now leads the Somerset Occupational Health (NHS) team.

Author: Steele-Perkins T


Occupational Health at Work October/November 2007 (vol. 04/3) pp19-21

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