December/January 2007/2008 (vol. 04/4)

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A changing climate for health

How a warming planet could affect workers’ health


Paul Suff looks at the implications of climate change for workplaces, particularly how a warming environment will impact on workers, both in the UK and elsewhere, and why businesses need to start preparing now.

MORE hot-weather deaths, greater frequency of skin cancer, an increase in cases of cataracts, higher levels of food poisoning, and the possibility that malaria will return to some parts of the UK are among the predictions for the direct impacts of a changing climate on health. Secondary effects include the spread of water-borne diseases and greater likelihood of accidents and…

Paul Suff is contributing editor of Occupational Health at Work.

Author: Suff P


Occupational Health at Work December/January 2007/2008 (vol. 04/4) pp19-23

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