December/January 2007/2008 (vol. 04/4)

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Taking the chequered flag

Using the flags in occupational health return-to-work practice


Ten years since they were first coined, the designation of ‘flags’ has gradually become a familiar concept in the biopsychosocial model of illness and rehabilitation. Dr Jim Ford sets out what they are and how they can be used to overcome the barriers to return to work.

MOST occupational health professionals will be aware of the term ‘flags’ to denote risk factors in musculoskeletal and other common health conditions. The flag system is built around the biopsychosocial model of recovery …

Dr Jim Ford is consultant occupational physician at University Hospital Aintree and Salus Occupational Health & Safety. This article is based on a chapter in the practical handbook Rehabilitation for work matters, which will be published in early 2008 by Radcliffe Publishing

Author: Ford J


Occupational Health at Work December/January 2007/2008 (vol. 04/4) pp13-18

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