June/July 2008 (vol. 05/1)

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Dilemma: E-learning

Are online-only courses in OH doing justice to the student?


An increasing number of courses are now delivered exclusively online, including an MSc in OH nursing. But can academic or vocational courses be truly successful if students never get to see their lecturers, or indeed their fellow students. Jan Maw and Amanda Griffiths hold different views.

New developments in online education delivery, or ‘e-learning’, and increasingly sophisticated learning technologies are having a major impact in the…

Jan Maw runs an online-only OH nursing course at the University of Sheffield 1. Students do not lose out, she says

In recognition of the need for training and continued professional development for OH practitioners, there has been an increase in distance-learning opportunities. New …

Amanda Griffiths is professor of occupational health psychology at the Institute of Work, Health and Organisations, University of Nottingham.

Author: Maw J, Griffiths A


Occupational Health at Work June/July 2008 (vol. 05/1) pp28-29

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