February/March 2009 (vol. 05/5)

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Healthy Minds at Work, Part 2

Part 2: Stress in those starting work


The Healthy Minds at Work programme was a partnership of organisations in Wales, working together to help workers experiencing stress, anxiety or depression stay in their jobs. In the second of a series of articles following the development of research underpinning the project, Prof Andy Smith and colleagues describe a project investigating stress in those starting work.

THE relationship between work and health is at the heart of debates about the causes of social and health inequalities, and it remains one of the central unsolved questions in social science. It is a key issue for employees, employers, and government, with the UK government setting targets to improve health and safety at work and reduce stress. Most research…

Professor Andy Smith is director of the Centre for Occupational and Health Psychology at Cardiff University. Dr Katherine Chaplin and Dr Emma Wadsworth are members of staff in the same Centre.

Author: Chaplin K, Wadsworth E, Smith A


Occupational Health at Work February/March 2009 (vol. 05/5) pp27-29

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