October/November 2009 (vol. 06/3)

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Healthy minds at work, Part 4

Part 4: Multi-convergent therapy: a possible intervention to aid return to work


The Healthy Minds at Work programme was a partnership of organisations in Wales, working together to help workers experiencing stress, anxiety or depression stay in their jobs. In the fourth of a series of articles Prof Andy Smith and colleagues describe a project investigating whether a multi-convergent therapy can improve the likelihood of return to work in CFS patients.

PREVIOUS articles in this series have described the general features of the Healthy Minds at Work (HM@W) programme in Wales and discussed the auditing of stress and mental health problems in those starting work, as well as the role of the case manager in helping job retention in those with mental health problems[1],[2],[3]. This final paper in the series examines…

Professor Andy Smith is director of the Centre for Occupational and Health Psychology at Cardiff University.

Marie Thomas is a research fellow at the Centre.

Michael Sadlier works at the physiotherapy department, University Hospital of Wales.

Author: Smith A, Thomas M, Sadlier M


Occupational Health at Work October/November 2009 (vol. 06/3) pp30-32

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