December/January 2009/2010 (vol. 06/4)

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Making Europe Fit for Work

Key findings of the Fit for Work Europe report on musculoskeletal disorders and work


Fit for Work Europe is an EU initiative that aims to improve the quality of working life for people with musculoskeletal disorders. Stephen Bevan, Robin McGee and Tatiana Quadrello present the main findings of research carried out as part of the initiative to establish what needs to be done at the European and national level to improve job retention and work re-introduction for people who develop such conditions.

A healthy workforce means a healthy economy. Yet conventional measures to improve productivity, from investment in skills, technology and …

Stephen Bevan is managing director of The Work Foundation. Robin McGee is a researcher and Tatiana Quadrello is a senior researcher at The Work Foundation.


Author: Bevan S, McGee R, Quadrello T


Occupational Health at Work December/January 2009/2010 (vol. 06/4) pp30-32

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