February/March 2010 (vol. 06/5)

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Assessing biomechanical exposure

This systematic review analyses 30 different observational methods for assessing biomechanical exposure to physical risk factors at work. The tools range from simple checklists to video technology and computer systems and measure various risk factors, such as working posture, workload, vibrating-tool use, work stress, repetitive work and lifting. No single tool is superior to the others and the authors recommend that users choose an assessment method after thoroughly considering their needs (such as for general screening, analysis of specific problematic tasks, or detailed data analysis). Observers will report consistent results if they have received sufficient training.

Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment and Health 2010; 36(1): 3–24.


Occupational Health at Work February/March 2010 (vol. 06/5) pp40