February/March 2010 (vol. 06/5)

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OH training – the state of play, Part 2

Part 2: OH nurses, opportunities and the economy.


In the second part of OH at Work’s focus on training, we consider the challenges facing OH nurses, as well as the more general pressures placed on the delivery of OH services by a recessionary economy.

IN part 1 of this feature (OH at Work 2009; 6(4): 15–18), we heard from occupational physicians about the changing face of OH1. A situation has developed within the profession where growing demand on OH expertise is not necessarily being met by increased resources to deliver it. In part 2, we hear from OH nurses who, like physicians, are…

Nicola Godwin is a freelance journalist specialising in health.

Author: Godwin N


Occupational Health at Work February/March 2010 (vol. 06/5) pp24-27

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