June/July 2010 (vol. 07/1)

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Double gloving reduces needlestick risks

Single-layer nitrile gloves give better protection than single-layer latex gloves, but ‘double-gloving’ with latex gloves provides better protection than single-layer gloves of either material. Needlestick simulations were carried out using a computer-controlled machine that jabbed a suture needle dipped in anticoagulated horse blood through glove material ‘stretched to represent the skintight fit to the user’s hand’ into a cell of a microbiological test plate half-filled with 0.05 ml saline. The median blood cell count, measured using a haemocytometer, was 229.5 for the single latex layer; 33.5 for the single nitrile layer; and 3 for the double latex glove (p < 0.001 for all comparisons).

Occupational Medicine 2010; 60: 205–210.


Occupational Health at Work June/July 2010 (vol. 07/1) pp38