October/November 2010 (vol. 07/3)

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Burnout: a hidden cost of care test

Recognising and managing burnout in an OH setting


Burnout is a complex, but relatively common mental health condition that affects many high achievers at some point in their careers. Consultant psychiatrist Dr John Sharkey explains the warning signs and strategies for intervention.

In 1973, the American psychologist Herbert Freudenberger made a big name for himself. His book Burnout: the high costs of high attainment brought the concept of burnout to public consciousness1. Freudenberger was a psychologist and it is psychologists we …

Dr John Sharkey is a consultant psychiatrist working in private and medico-legal practice in Northern Ireland .

Author: Sharkey J


Occupational Health at Work October/November 2010 (vol. 07/3) pp31-32

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