April/May 2016 (vol. 12/6)

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Research in OH: Designing and funding an OH trial, Part 2

Part 2: developing a successful national occupational health research proposal


In the second part of a series tracking the progress of a major research trial in occupational health, Vaughan Parsons and Ira Madan explain the journey from inception to protocol development and securing of funding.

IN the previous edition of Occupational Health [at Work]1 we highlighted the importance of embedding a research culture in occupational health (OH) practice and briefly referred to the Skin Care Intervention in Nurses (SCIN) trial, a national OH clinical trial that is currently…


Dr Vaughan Parsons (PhD) is trial manager of the SCIN project.

Dr Ira Madan is consultant occupational physician and honorary reader in occupational medicine. 

Author: Parsons V, Madan I


Occupational Health at Work April/May 2016 (vol. 12/6) pp34-38

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