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December/January 2018/2019 (vol. 15/4)

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Leader Article News

OH careers pp07

Legal News Features

TfL’s Drug and Alcohol Assessment and Treatment Service, part 1 pp16-20

Part 1: assessment, treatment and return to work

What makes a fibre hazardous to health? pp21-26

The asbestos origins of the fibre length threshold and its verification with nanotechnology

Asthma at work, Part 2 pp27-32 CPD

Part 2: diagnosis of occupational asthma

Expert Witness: Job references pp33-35

Avoiding the pitfalls, especially where health is an issue

ONLINE FIRST: OH pay and benefits 2018, Part 2 pp35x

Part 2 of our survey of pay and benefits of OH nurses, OH doctors, OH physiotherapists and occupational hygienists

Research Digest

Keep in touch pp39-40

Sick notes pp40