December/January 2008/2009 (vol. 05/4)

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Back pain RCT

A randomised controlled trial of interventions for low back pain (LBP) in working adults found little additional benefit with manual therapy compared with an assessment and advice-only intervention at three-, six and 12-months. In total, 134 employees with LBP were recruited from four OH centres in Finland and randomised to three groups: orthopaedic manual therapy (OMT); McKenzie method of mechanical diagnosis and therapy; and ‘advice only’ (45–60 minutes’ counselling by a physiotherapist on good prognosis for LBP, pain tolerance, medication and early return to work, and advice to remain active). The OMT and McKenzie groups showed no consistent treatment effects compared with advice only.

Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine 2008; 40(10): 858–863.


Occupational Health at Work December/January 2008/2009 (vol. 05/4) pp40-41