August/September 2010 (vol. 07/2)

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Responding to mental distress at work, Part 1

Part 1: can training managers in how to respond to mental distress in the workforce make an impact?


The Centre for Mental Health has trialled a new training programme to help managers identify and support employees struggling with mental distress at work. Helen Lockett and Bob Grove report the early findings.

AT any one time one worker in six will be experiencing a mental health condition, such as depression or anxiety; this increases to one worker in five if alcohol and drug dependence are included [1]. The costs of mental health conditions to UK workplaces are estimated at £1,035 per employee per year [2].The largest proportion of these costs is due to…

Helen Lockett is director of programmes and performance and Bob Grove is joint chief executive at the Centre for Mental Health.

Author: Grove B, Lockett H


Occupational Health at Work August/September 2010 (vol. 07/2) pp24-27

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