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June/July 2019 (vol. 16/1)

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Royal Opera loses its appeal pp12-15

Noise control will not restrict repertoire, says Court of Appeal in Goldscheider v Royal Opera House

Workplace wellbeing – or health promotion? pp16-21

Busting the myth about return on investment

OH pay and benefits, part 3 pp22-25

Part 3: the state of OH – a qualitative review

Quality outsourcing pp26-28

Outsourced occupational health should not imply a lower quality service

Negligent exposure pp29-31 CPD

Compensation for negligent exposure to a hazardous substance

Occupational hygiene 2019, conference news pp32-39

Highlights of the 2019 conference of the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS)1. John Ballard reports.