October/November 2010 (vol. 07/3)

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Early Intervention pp3

Leader article

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CHaSPI – could do better? pp16-19

The corporate health and safety management assessment tool is five-years old. How is it performing?

Responding to mental distress at work, Part 2 pp20-23

Part 2: does workplace mental health training have a lasting impact?

Dilemma: Testing workers for bloodborne viruses: pp24-25

Are the DoH guidelines on HIV testing for healthcare workers necessary?

Time to talk: pp26–30

Stammering in the workplace

Burnout: a hidden cost of care test pp31-32

Recognising and managing burnout in an OH setting

Expert Witness: Age discrimination, Part 2 pp33-34

Part 2: default retirement age


Health effects and the public environment pp35

G, Maynard R (editors) [Environmental medicine. Ayres J, Harrison R, Nichols G, Maynard R (editors) ISBN13 978 0 340 94656 5, 736 pages]

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